The internet is flooded with content. It's getting harder to stay on top of and organize the information important to you. Bookmarks have been around forever, but adding stuff to a list in your menu bar doesn't pass muster when you're inundated with hundreds of new links and articles every day.

We don't need to build a list of things, organized in advance. We need an organic medium, where links are treated as a substrate, that gets organized, filtered and played with. is an experiment to help you take back control. This site is designed to lean in to the fact that you are never getting through your inbox. is meant for you to throw all of the "things" you find interesting into.

Beneath it all, uses semantic search, embeddings augmented retrieval (ai I guess), and good ol' fashioned SQL to make searching, linking and collecting across your Links a joy.

The project is not quite ready for testing. But please add your email if you'd like to learn more, I promise not to spam you. First and foremost, I'm building this for myself, so you can trust that I'll keep users' interest first.